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ADA CDEL AAL/ITL Teacher Scholarship Announcement

The ADA Council on Dental Education and Licensure is granting three (3) tuition scholarships to the Academy for Academic Leadership’s Institute for Teaching and Learning (AAL/ITL) — as part of a commitment to support dental education and ADA general dentist members interested in serving full- or part-time in dental academia.
The ITL program is presented as a four-day onsite program with class discussions, small-group projects, problem-solving exercises, observation and critique of teachers in action, self-directed coursework, peer feedback, and presentations by ITL Scholars.  The 2023 program will be offered on August 13-16, 2023 at the ADA Headquarters Building.  Although individuals may apply at any time during the year, the 2023 deadline is April 10, 2023.  Scholarships are granted by May 13.  Each scholarship is in the amount of ITL tuition ($3,500).

For more information regarding the ADA-CDEL scholarships, including the complete list of criteria and eligibility requirements, visit at: ADA CDEL Scholarship Information.  To access complete information about the AAL/ITL visit AAL/ITL.  Please note that due to technical error, submissions for the ITL Scholarship made prior to March 21, 2023 will require resubmission. We apologize for the inconvenience. For questions, please contact