Arrows pointing to Dr. Brian Nový's headshot.

Coming to Annual Session 2024

Dr. Nový makes learning an adventure. Offering two courses on Thursday.

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Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz is sharing their passion for minimally invasive bonded bridges

Coming to Annual Session 2024

Get a better understanding of adhesive and bonded fix prosthesis!

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Dr. Ashleigh Briody with arrows and verbiage about her appearance at AS24

Coming to Annual Session 2024

Dr. Briody brings a passion for oral pathology. Offering a two-part course on Thursday.

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Amol grows dental practices so that the owners can achieve their dreams. Is he a magical wizard for good?

Coming to Annual Session 2024

Amol knows how to grow your business! Can you afford to miss this class?

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Image of Marko Vujicic and arrows suggesting that you come see the future with Marko through dental trends and predictions based on data

Coming to Annual Session 2024

Chief Economist for ADA's Health Policy Institute. It's like having a crystal ball for dentistry!

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Dr. Sarat for pediatric dentists

Idaho Soc. of Pediatric Dentistry (ISPD)

From Pathophysiology to Rescue - Respiratory Depression and Distress in Procedural Sedation

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Introducing ADA Career Services

Explore resources to support your goals from graduation to retirement

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20 Wins in 2023

Celebrate 20 Wins in 2023

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Welcome to the Idaho State Dental Association!

The ISDA represents more than 70% of Idaho dental professionals who have joined us in membership. We are a constituent of the American Dental Association (ADA), the professional organization of dentists throughout the U.S. who are dedicated to providing the best care for their patients. 

Vision Statement:

Empowering the dental profession to achieve optimal health for all Idahoans.

Mission Statement:

Help Idaho dentists succeed and support the advancement of the health of the public.

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