The ISDA and our components host a series of events throughout the year. For further information please see a list of our related pages below:

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Event Planning Form

The ISDA would love to assist in the planning and marketing of your event! 
The below information is needed for the ISDA staff to market the event. Submitting this form gives you access to:
  • Online Sharing & Marketing       
  • Online registration for attendees
  • Event reminder faxes, texts and emails. 
Event planning forms need to be summitted at least 2 months prior to your event but the earlier the better.  Please note that without proper notification the ISDA staff cannot guarantee all or even any of the above listed assistance. It is a rare occasion that our small staff's work plates aren't already full! 

Event Details

ex. continuing ed, networking, fundraiser, holiday, social, ect.
This will be displayed to potential attendees and will need to be relatively unique
Name & physical address
ex: lunch, dinner, light snacks, ect. For meals provide buffet or plated. For bars provided hosted or non hosted.
ex: microphone(s), screen, projector, zoom capabilities

Event RSVP

*this can be a goal number or a previous year's attendance.
Attendee RSVP type

Event Cost

Event Description

Speaker Bio (if applicable)
Course description and/or objectives (if applicable)

**Reminder to planners** Please do not rely solely on the ISDA  for communications and increasing attendance of your event. Peer to peer reach out is highly suggested for a successful event. It has been proven that people are much more likely to commit their attendance to a fellow dental professional and/or acquittance. The ISDA is happy to provide contact lists as needed.