ADA cyber security incident impacting ISDA’s website

The American Dental Association (ADA) is experiencing technical issues following a cybersecurity incident. A data breach has not occurred; however, the problems are impacting member-only access to both the ADA and ISDA websites. The ADA is taking full measures to isolate the issues and has engaged outside specialists who are conducting a full analysis of the systems. While this is occurring, the ADA has shut down and isolated all systems until the situation is fully resolved.

Once the systems are fully operational again, we will notify all ISDA members. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding while the ADA works to resolve this issue. Please stay tuned to your email for more updates to reduce high call volumes. We will send any updates as soon as our office receives them.


The ADA has requested we share the following communication with you.

Thank you for taking the time out of your weekend to read this update on the technical difficulties faced by the ADA. We appreciate your patience as we have been working to assess and address the situation, and we are committed to keeping you informed.

Here is an update on the current situation:

  • On Friday, the ADA fell victim to a cybersecurity incident that caused a disruption to certain systems, including Aptify and ADA email, telephone and Web chat. Upon discovery, the ADA immediately responded by taking affected systems offline and commenced an investigation into the nature and scope of the disruption.
  • Safeguarding member information and data is the ADA’s utmost priority. We are working diligently with third-party cybersecurity specialists to investigate the impact on ADA systems and restore full system functionality. At this time, there is no indication any member information and other data has been compromised, however our investigation is still underway.
  • Federal law enforcement has been notified and we are cooperating with them in this active investigation, so we ask for your understanding that we must limit the amount of detail that we can share at this time. 

In the meantime, we understand you may receive questions about the incident from members. It is important that we provide members with accurate information regarding this incident. It is equally important that we respond with accurate information while also being cognizant that this is an active investigation. If you receive such inquiries, to ensure consistent and streamlined communications, we ask that you please provide the following response:

ADA recently experienced a cybersecurity incident that caused a temporary disruption to certain computer systems. Upon discovery, ADA immediately responded by taking affected systems offline to secure our network and commencing an investigation into the nature and scope of the disruption. ADA is working diligently to restore full and secure functionality to our network. Additionally, ADA is investigating the source of the incident and confirming the impact on ADA’s systems. ADA treats its responsibility to safeguard member information and data as an utmost priority. ADA appreciates your patience and understanding while we work to resolve the situation and apologize for any inconvenience. As the investigation continues, please direct all questions to ADA will provide relevant updates when available.

Again, we thank you for your patience as this investigation continues. 


April Kates-Ellison Vice President, Member & Client Services