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North Idaho Conference Courses

"Endo/Resto: Simplifying a Procedural Juggernaut to Achieve Single Visit Profitability"

This course is designed to walk dentists and assistants through an entire endodontic appointment from phone call to final result. The course focuses on the ultimate goal of the single visit Endo/Resto appointment: preservation and extension of the tooth life cycle. Dentists and assistants will not only come away with understanding how to efficiently fill the root, but how to immediately preserve long term success of the tooth via current restorative trends and techniques. The goal of this course is simple: reinforce the value of combining Endo/Resto into a single visit appointment thereby preserving teeth, providing exceptional service to the patient, and improving practice profitability.

Course Objectives:

  • Diagnose and Treatment plan Endo/Resto procedures
  • Discuss minimally invasive techniques for endodontic therapy including access and dentin preservation
  • Discuss tips and tricks for reliable, profound anesthesia
  • Understand the concepts surrounding when and where to use posts
  • Learn the value of single visit Endo/Resto procedures for both patient and profits
  • Explain why single visit Endo/Resto is preferred and when it is not an option

"Designed for Accomplishment, Engineered for Success: What We Do, Use, and Think About Affects our Daily Practice"

Those in search of riches know that one must move a lot of dirt in order to find a little bit of gold. This course is designed to sift through the “dirt”, providing informational “gold” on a variety of dental topics essential to seeing long term success. From understanding patient decision making, to the tools and select tips for longer lasting dentistry, this course is designed to give a practical, “soup-to-nuts” approach to the latest research and materials that will maximize your practice profits.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn current trends in today’s general practice
  • Talk common sense, “real-world” approach to treatment planning
  • Understand patient psychology and the WHY of patient decision making
  • Discuss the latest materials, tips and trick for clinical success
  • Gain understanding how adding one new procedure or one new technique can elevate your game