​Office & Equipment for Sale/ Lease:

  • Wood River Valley, ID Dental Practice for Sale ID22-01-1115

    Wood River Valley, ID

    Description: Thriving practice opportunity in Wood River Valley, Idaho, with healthy growth in a picturesque locale. It boasts a new office space with the option to purchase real estate with the practice. The practice is on track to collect $917K this year, net $420K, and the pre-tax cash flow to the buyer after debt service is estimated to be about $323K. A summary of the practice can be found on our website at: https://ctc-associates.com/dental-practices-for-sale/idaho-id22-01-1115. For more information, please reach out to Randon Jensen at 801-298-4242 or randon@ctc-associates.com

    Contact: Randon Jensen | 801-298-4242 | randon@ctc-associates.com

  • General Dental Practice in Western ID

    Description: General Dental Practice located in Western Idaho. Annual collections of $480,000. Three equipped ops with an additional operatory plumbed. Stand-alone building near large university. Great opportunity to grow. Contact Rod Johnston at rod@omni-pg.com, 206-979-2660. (IDD105)

  • Thriving Western Idaho Practice

    Description: Thriving General Dental Practice For Sale in Western Idaho near the Oregon border. Annual collections nearly $1 million in approximately 150 days per year leaving plenty of time for outdoor activities. Real Estate is also for sale. Room for growth. Contact Rod Johnston at rod@omni-pg.com or 206-979-2660. (IDD106

  • Dental Practice for Sale SW Idaho--or Associate to Buy

    Payette, ID

    Description: Established Part Time Dental Practice For Sale. Payette County. Practice is open two days a week. Current Collections approximately $300,000 per year. Excellent opportunity for a satellite practice with room to grow to additional days. Associateship with buy-in clause also can be considered. Growth potential for a doctor who can do many specialty services in house. Most are referred out now.

    Contact: Dennis J. Garpetti, DDS | 208-447-7783 | drgarpetti@lifesmilesdds.com

  • Dental Equipment for Sale - North Idaho

    Hayden, ID

    Description: Multiple Items for Sale Individually or as a Group - please contact me for pricing/shipping/delivery options - motivated to sell!
    Items used less than one year, on average 2 days/week, in a mobile dental practice.

    1. ASI Triton 90-2025 Mobile Dental Unit (purchased new in 2021)
    2. MidMark M9 Sterilizer (purchased refurbished in 2021)
    3. Extraoral Suction Unit (purchased new in 2021)
    4. Saddle Chair
    5. Cavitron JetPlus with Cordless foot pedal (purchased refurbished)
    6. Lead Aprons (like new)
    7. Mobile-X Handheld Xray unit (purchased new in 2021)
    8. Tuxedo Intraoral Sensor Size 1 (Model PN 6100A) - limited use for < 1 year, purchased new
    9. Tuxedo Intraoral Sensor Size 2 (Model PN 6101A) - used only 3-4 times, purchased new 10. iCam IO Camera (purchased new)
    11. Young Infinity Cordless Hygiene Handpiece (purchased new)
    12. Cavitron Tips (purchased new)
    13. Miscellaneous dental instruments (all were purchased new)

    Contact: Keira Greene | 303-810-9296 | kgreenedds@hotmail.com

  • Unique Opportunity - Dental Practice for Sale

    Hawthorne, NV

    Description: Very unique dental practice for sale, located in Mineral County Nevada. This practice has been in Hawthorne since 1982 and serves a very large radius of patients, including the communities of Hawthorne, Tonopah, Goldfield, Gabbs, Mina, Luning, Austin and in Eastern California Lee Vining & Bridgeport and so many more. It is has up to date equipment, a trained and dedicated staff (2 full time hygienists) and a very full schedule. We are 1 hour to the gates of Yosemite, we have a lake that is ideal for all boating activities, and could not be better for outdoor enthusiasts. This practice has collections of 1.2 million/year with huge opportunities to expand.

    Contact: Michelle Dow | 775-722-1987 | drdowdds@sbcglobal.net