File a Complaint

Whether you are an Idaho dentist or a patient/ consumer of dental benefits, this page is intended to help lead you through the process of filing appropriate complaints through the appropriate channels.

If you are unsure of what your complaint falls under, please contact the ISDA at 208-343-7543/

For additional assistance with dental insurance issues check out the ADA's Dental Insurance Hub

Idaho Dentists

"The dental benefits company is dictating the standard of care."

When you are seeing systemic problems with a particular dental benefit company, we recommend filling out the form below to send a formal complaint.

Blue Cross of Idaho
Delta Dental of Idaho

"There is an ethical or illegal behavior that needs to be reported"

The Idaho State Board of Dentistry issues the licenses for Idaho Dentists and Hygienists and handles complaints when dealing with potential ethical or illegal behavior.

To submit a complaint of this nature with the Idaho State Board of Dentistry, go here.

Dental Consumer/ Patients

"I have a dispute with my dental benefits company"

When you have dental benefits provided through your employer and feel you are not able to appropriately use them, we recommend following the steps below to address the issue:

  1. Address the issue with your company Human Resources department. Have your dental care provider assist you with details about the recommended treatment plan.
  2. File a complaint with the Department of Insurance. Consumer Affairs Officers work diligently with consumers to help resolve disputes with insurance companies and insurance producers (agents).