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North Idaho Conference Courses

"Great Team + Great Business = Great Practice"

Dr. Tomaro will present the qualities of a Great Team. Creating the environment to take an exceptional team from Good to Great. The participants will learn the business skills they never taught you in school, which are the key characteristics of a Great Business. Developing relationships with your patients so they will rave and refer patients. Learning to have a patient centered practice, which allows everyone to concentrate on delivering high quality dentistry, eliminating financial stress. Learn the key ingredients in marketing your practice. Stop dreaming about a Great Practice. Let's make a Great Practice happen for patient at a time.

Learning Objectives:

  • This course is designed to hone your business skills and help drive your overhead to 55-58%.
  • Learn the keys to developing and motivating the Team.
  • Learn how to become profitable and achieve Financial Freedom.
  • Understand the importance of each and every patient.
  • Learn how to set and achieve goals

"The Art of Smile Design - How to Give the Patient what they Desire"

Dr. Tomaro will provide a step-by step process of the Ideal Smile Design. Perfect your listening skills to better understand your patient's desires. Learn the keys to a successful presentation and how photography can enhance patient interaction. Develop essential interviewing skills. Learn the steps that encompass a comprehensive exam. Dr. Tomaro will define the clinical steps and give you step-by-step instructions from start to finish: diagnostic wax-up, prep design, soft tissue architecture, materials, and adhesion. Create BEAUTY from start to finish, producing raving patients and ongoing referrals.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Develop proper patient selection skills.
  • Learn the steps from initial phone call to completion of treatment
  • Learn the keys of diagnosis and design.
  • Learn patient communication skills.
  • Develop lab communication skills that will enable you to deliver a perfect treatment plan to your patient.
  • Learn why attention to details makes a difference.
  • Never forget it has your name on it.