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Dr. Brittney Penberthy

Featured Member - Dr. Brittney Penberthy

“Thanks to the Idaho State Dental Association, I was able to attend the New Dentist Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, and meet Mel Robbins - #5SecondRule - and Chris Bashinelli—this year’s keynote speakers. While Mel helped us learn that changing your life for the better only takes 5 seconds of dedicated thought, Chris’ message really resonated with me. He's has been all over the world and encouraged all of us to chip away at making global change with a quote from Jane Goodall. ‘If you think globally, it is overwhelming and you do not have enough energy left to act locally. Just act locally and see what a difference you can make.’  I’m looking forward to seeing what differences Idaho dentists can make.”

Dr. Brittney Penberthy practices at North West Endodontics in Coeur d’Alene and was selected to attend the New Dentist Conference for the ISDA. #IDDentist

Dr. Penberthy is part of the Idaho State Dental Association’s new bi-weekly Member Feature. Active ISDA dentists are highlighted for the work they are doing in their communities, in their practices and for the profession. If you or someone you know would like to be featured in a future feature, contact Linda Swanstrom at