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On behalf of Craig Busey, General Counsel, American Dental Association:

Dear Colleagues –

I am sending you this message because Kevin Earle, Executive Director, Arizona Dental Association,  has brought to our attention the fact that some of our members may be receiving correspondence from a company called Settlement Recovery Group (SRG), which is apparently offering to assist the members in facilitating their participation in the forthcoming settlement of the class action against Patterson, Benco, and Henry Schein.

While we are not specifically familiar with SRG, we are aware that other entities in the past have engaged in similar activities purporting to assist in locating persons entitled to recovery and to help class members develop their individual damages proofs in instances where such submissions are required.  It would therefore appear to us (though others should certainly formulate their own conclusions) that the services offered by his company are in this instance unnecessary and of little or no value to our members.  We have been in contact with the attorneys for the plaintiff class in the dental supplier litigation and have been advised that, once the settlement has been approved, known class members will receive a notice directly from the plaintiffs’ attorneys.  To the extent there may be additional class members, the attorneys will make every reasonable effort, including perhaps seeking the assistance the ADA, to locate everyone who might be included.  Once this is done, we believe all class members will be instructed as to how to calculate any possible recovery without the assistance of a third-party intermediary.

Each member may, of course, make his or her own decision as to whether to utilize the services of SRG or other such organizations, but we would question the need for such services in this particular instance.  If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thank you,

Craig Busey 
ADA General Counsel