Scam Alert

It's been brought to our attention that a scammer is contacting dental offices, claiming to be the ISDA, and demanding to speak with the dentist about their license.

The ISDA is not the licensing board for the state of Idaho and will not contact you about these matters.

If you get a call, e-mail, text or other communication from an individual claiming to represent the Board of Dentistry, here is some information to help you identify whether it is a scam:

The Board does NOT:

•Ask for personal information that does not relate to your license (such as your credit card number or bank account number)

•Offer to alter a disciplinary order that has already been entered by the Board

•Ask for or take payments over the phone

If you question whether a communication is from the Board, do not provide personal information or payment. Instead, call the Board at (208) 334-2369 to verify the communication.