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SWIDS Midwinter 2019

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Class Handouts​

SWIDS - Part 1(Management of Common Orofacial Conditions)Handout
Part 2(Intro to H&N Cancer Assessment)Handout

Oral Medicine in Clinical Practice

Dentistry, by its very nature, is a surgical specialty; however, practitioners encounter conditions in daily practice in which medical management can positively impact quality of life.

The first half of the course will use a series of clinical cases to review practical considerations in the diagnosis and non-surgical management of oral mucosal lesions, oral burning disorders, TMD with limited opening, medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw, and dental management of the cancer patient.

Objectives (Part 1):

  • Identify clinical situations in which non-surgical interventions, such as pharmacotherapy and/or behavioral management, may be indicated in the treatment of common oral conditions.
  • Recognize items in a patient’s medical history, including topical and systemic medications, which may impact your intervention choice.
  • Outline specific medication protocols that could be applied in each clinical scenario.

The second half will focus on key elements in patient assessment in the context of oral & oropharyngeal cancer.

Objectives (Part 2):

  • Identify modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for oral/oropharyngeal cancer in a patient’s health history
  • Recognize clinical signs and symptoms concerning for oral/oropharyngeal cancer.
  • Develop strategies to determine when to watch, when to treat, when to biopsy/refer suspicious oral lesions.