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Dr. Mallavarapu

Featured Member - Dr. Lakshmi Mallavarapu

"Being a member of the Idaho State Dental Association has helped me to connect with other colleagues in the local community. In addition, the continuing education programs provided by the ISDA have expanded my knowledge and helped me become a better dentist by staying up to date on new developments in the industry."

Dr. Lakshmi Mallavarapu practices at Terry Reilly Health Services, theAda County Sheriff's Office and Willow Tree Dental. #IDDentist

Dr. Mallavarapu is part of the Idaho State Dental Association’s new bi-weekly Member Feature. Active ISDA dentists are highlighted for the work they are doing in their communities, in their practices and for the profession. If you or someone you know would like to be featured in a future feature, contact Linda Swanstrom at