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The ISDA Business Affiliate program is designed to provide businesses a formal relationship with the Idaho Dental Association that demonstrates their commitment and support to organized dentistry and ISDA member dentists. The ISDA Business Affiliate program requires both an annual financial contribution and the assurance of the highest level of customer service to ISDA members. The program provides a recognizable logo actively promoted by the ISDA advertising to ISDA Members. The logo is used by the Business Affiliate partners to promote their products and services to ISDA members providing an identifiable connection to ISDA and organized dentistry in Idaho. There are a host of benefits and promotional discounts that the Business Affiliate Partners receive for their generous financial support:

• Business Affiliate logo to display and promote your support of organized dentistry
• 10% discount ISDANews advertising
• 10% discount Annual Program advertising
• 10% discount Annual Membership Directory advertising
• Listings and links on ISDA Website
• Listings and contact information in Annual Membership Directory
Cost: $650 (annual contribution) plus $350 in advertising

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The following companies are current Business Affiliates the Idaho State Dental Association